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The HiddenCures Water Ionizer

Massive Performance, Minuscule Price

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Inexpensive water ionizer makes quality ionized water without any bells and whistles! Only $169.95!


One sign that you are not getting enough anti-oxidants to protect your cells from damage is age spots which show that you are ripening like a banana. Patrick Flanagan stated that "Oxidative stress has been scientifically proven to be either a direct cause or closely related to the inception of cancer, eye disorders, blood and vascular diseases, heart problems and organ failure."

Ionized water is the least expensive source of anti-oxidants to combat aging, and the Hiddencures water ionizer is THE most affordable ionizer on the market because it uses small platinum titanium ionization plates that ionize your water in one to three hours, not the big expensive plates used by other ionizers that give you water in one minute. It has no bells or whistles, but still produces large amounts of anti-oxidants as measured by an oxidation reduction potential (ORP) of -850mV, the key feature of ionized water, which is as strong or stronger than all but the most expensive ionizers. We trade off time for cost. The unit is as simple as physics will allow.

Bottom Line: A racecar runs faster than a Volkswagen, but both will get you there. You don't need expensive equipment to get strong ionization if you can wait a few minutes for it. When you pay more for an ionizer, you get more bells and whistles (or distributor commissions).

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