HiddenCures G-2C Ionizer

pH and ORP Measurements

The following tests measured the alkaline and acid water output produced by the G-2C water ionizer. Both jugs were filled to the top with reverse osmosis water. 1/8 teaspoon of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt (TM) from The Real Food Trading Company (TM) was added to each jug, and stirred until dissolved. Electrodes were placed as close to the center pipe as possible. Each test was done separately, and at the end of the stated time the measurement was taken, and the water discarded or consumed. The acid readings were taken first; the acid seems to condition the meter for faster response.

The meter used to measure pH was a Hanna HI 98121 pH / ORP meter. The pH was calibrated prior to use, using 7.01 and 10.01 calibration solutions and dual point calibration. The ORP was measured using a Milwaukee SM-500 which is factory calibrated; calibration was tested with 470mV calibration solution and measured 430mV which was close enough for our purposes.

Dates of each test went from 5/19/14 to 6/4/14

Hour Alk pH Alk ORP Acid pH Acid ORP
0 8.8 180 mV 8.8 180 mV
1/2 10.4 -270 to -370 mV 3.6 780 mV
1 10.7 -135 to -600 mV 3.4 825 mV
2 11.3 -540 mV 2.9 1040 mV
3 11.2 -840 mV 2.6 1120 mV
4 11.5 -850 mV 2.5 1135 mV
5 11.3 -860 mV 2.4 1140 mV
6 11.4 -850 mV 2.5 1130 mV

Note: Where a range is shown, the value hugely changed by stirring.