Leaching of Plastic Into Water

A question we regularly get from customers is whether the plastic of the Rubbermaid bottle we use to manufacture the G-2 water ionizer (PETE #1) leaches into the water. Rubbermaid provided the following information:

The answer is "No", the PET will not leach into their water. The PET Rubbermaid storage container does not contain lead, PVC or plasticizers (including DEHP or DINP) which are the subjects of the many email urban legends which get passed around.

We would also make these additional points concerning Rubbermaid food storage containers:

All of our food-contact plastics meet the requirements of the FDA for their intended uses. This includes products recommended for reheating foodstuffs in a microwave.

Dioxins contain chlorine. Rubbermaid food storage containers do not contain chlorine and therefore can not produce dioxins under any circumstances.

Rubbermaid food storage containers do not contain phthalates, adipates or other plasticizers, which could migrate into food.

Another source of information regarding plastics and your health can be found at www.plasticsinfo.org."

Materials Development Manager
Rubbermaid Foodservice Products